The first episode: True confession to AOMEI from a little elder brother in Brazil

Vagner Dantas

In São Paulo, Brazil

Video Introduction

Explanation: Thanks to Vagner, a passionate user from Brazil, tell us his story about data security. He had tried his best to record a video, but failed for some objective conditions, so he recorded a four-minute voice message in his native language, Portuguese. He also gives us the text in English, so that more people could know his story. Thanks, Vagner!

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I already had a HD Hitachi purchased in 2011 and before 2015 I also used Acronis, but with a machine low setting I fall away the license! Already there means that giving up and wanting to go back to the Windows built-in backup, I was doing some simple searches on Google, and right here appears the name "AOMEI"... Well, I went to the page and already liked, there was no propaganda! Then I said that just what I want.

At the moment what mattered most to me was to see the hardware requirements that the Backpper asked. Then I looked at the 256 of RAM and 500 MHz of processing I decided to give it a chance. I downloaded, installed and opened it. Although I only know a few English words, the icons were almost magic how to perform the image backup. With three clicks I had my boat to saves lives, just as simple as it guaranteed.

As the time was passing by and I noticed a function that was missing that is the "Universal Restore" when version 2.5 is released. Ready, now hits the front with the other fully, or even better, since with a simple click you can already get the Windows working on the computers in the Stone Age! Kkkk

Since I use AOMEI, it works for me except the double Windows Update errors, with my backup guaranteed restored. As I am a regular user I already tried for many times to solve the damn errors, want to check for updates but not finding. This problem ends soon with the restoration of the image by AOMEI Backupper. So I decided to start installing the AOMEI on computers in my community, because when I formatava had to go a few months later to perform formatting again! With AOMEI in the computers, it turned out, it was just to perform the restore. Up with TeamViewer I helped a young woman recovers her computer with Aomei Linux.

Another time watching a story on TV Record, I laughed because an employee of a company placed a banner asking for the pro thief to return his notebook where he had all his professional life, Automatically said, " If he were to use the AOMEI Backupper this would not have happened, or better, your backup would be guaranteed! Sad pro guy, but hopefully he has learned.

Dear friends, AOMEI Backupper is not recommended it is mandatory to use. Take now the program that you're using, because AOMEI Backupper is affordable and reliable, Oh! Already the free version will suit well without problems. With a small amount of you can have a license for the whole life! The competitors do not offer this!

I really like to make the analogy of the Titanic when it's sinking, and the boat with passengers. Titanic would be the Windows and AOMEI Backupper the boat. The companions think of the backup in this way, since all digital information is valuable and for users common to use the AOMEI Backupper and also other products of the company. AOMEI Backupper more than recommended is virtually mandatory to have on your computer.

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